COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part One



Social distancing requirements

Key question >  Are you able to physically meet with or visit the supplier? How are you going to communicate and interact in the future? >  How will you audit supplier performance and risks? >  What plans are in place to provide visibility of what’s going on? >  Can you trace all the contacts within your suppliers to mitigate outbreak risks?

Recommendation >  Use technology as an alternative to face-to- face engagement. >  Provide supplier management training to business stakeholders and suppliers. >  Use supplier management technology for contact management and tracing of your supplier’s personnel.


Port and airport closures (operating at skeleton operational levels)

Key question >  Where are your key points of supply chain disruption? Who is managing them - you or your suppliers? >  Who is responsible for finding alternative transportation and supply chains? How will you get priority for your products and services? >  How are you going to achieve more visibility into the supplier and their supply chain?

Recommendation >  Ask selected suppliers to map their key supply chains (using the segmentation criteria previously mentioned). >  Put in place a plan and treatment strategy for key supply chain, logistics and transport suppliers.


Risk of spreading coronavirus via physical products

Key question >  Do you know who is responsible for the risks? What checks are being done throughout the supply chain? >  What do the contract clauses cover? How big is your exposure?

Recommendation >  Review key suppliers contracts for risk exposure. >  Map areas of responsibility and obligations. >  Track key risks, actions and activities.


Demand Shocks

Key question >  Do you know which products or services there will be limited availability on? >  Do you know if you are a customer of choice for your key suppliers? How are you measuring it?

Recommendation >  Understand if you are a customer of choice by conducting a Voice of the Supplier research exercise across your strategic or key suppliers. >  Review each strategic and key suppliers account plans and put in place joint account plans for those suppliers.



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