COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part Two

01. Health and availability of supplier workforce


Operating Statement


Gap analysis and improvement opportunities

Ensuring the health and safety of your suppliers’ workforce

1.1 Screening for COVID-19 of employees and visitors takes place in accordance with current practices (e.g. rapid testing regime etc.). 1.2 Employee health records are stored and managed properly. 1.3 Contingency plans are in place in the event that an employee contracts COVID-19. 1.4 Process for reporting symptoms or confirmed contraction of COVID-19 to a line manager. 1.5 Process for employees to report when a relative or other close contact contracts COVID-19 or has symptoms. 1.6 Employees are supplied with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 1.7 Before and after employees come to work, they are required to follow required precautionary procedures to reduce contamination. 1.8 There is a process for assigning extra sick days or COVID-19 days to employees. 1.9 Cleaning protocols are in place to assure that facilities provide a clean and safe environment. 1.10 Visitors to all of your sites and places of business are tracked. 1.11 There has been communication between your suppliers and their customers to establish new COVID-19 expectations for your relationship. 1.12 Updates and changes to procedures have been performed in a timely manner based on the state of the pandemic. 1.12.1 You have a protocol for communicating and enforcing these changes with your employees. 1.13 All interactions with customers are tracked for contact tracing purposes. 1.14 Additional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been implemented in response to business operations as a result of COVID-19. 1.14.1 KPIs have been reviewed to ensure that they follow the guidelines outlined by the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. 1.14.2 The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) specified within your contracts have been reviewed and revised if appropriate since COVID-19. 1.15 Data relating to employee turnover and newly appointed roles are shared with customers.



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