COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part Two


The Safe Supplier Operating Standard

State of Flux has developed The Safe Supplier Operating Standard for organisations to use, collaboratively, with their suppliers. By using the standard and working together to apply it, you will be helping your suppliers to apply measures to mitigate a range of risks that have resulted from the global pandemic.

Suppliers should meet each of the criteria within the standard and provide adequate evidence where necessary. Once the standard has been completed, we’re advocating that customers and suppliers should jointly review the document and draft an action plan for areas where suppliers are unable to meet the standard. In line with the insights explained in part one, the standard has been developed for the seven most commonly overlooked risk areas that have arisen due to the pandemic. These are:

Although this standard is designed to gauge your supplier’s health and viability, it is recommended that your suppliers, in turn, apply those same items and standards to their own suppliers. The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, which is producing a rapidly evolving response from governments, medical research establishments, and agencies around the world. You should therefore use the standard for preliminary guidance purposes and to facilitate the discussion and application of safe working practices with your suppliers. Above all, and in all circumstances, you should continuously monitor and follow local government standards. The standard on the following pages is divided into three main sections, as shown in the graphic on page 6.

1. Health and availability of supplier workforce 2. Financial viability of the supplier

3. Organisational preparedness 4. Social distancing requirements 5. Port and airport closures (operating at skeleton operational levels) 6. Risk of spreading coronavirus via physical products 7. Demand shocks



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