COVID-19 Safe Supplier Operating Standard - Part Two



A t State of Flux we believe that it is relationships, not contracts, that deliver customer of choice benefits. And, if ever there was a time when this belief was going to be tested it would be now – during the COVID-19 pandemic. With wide-scale disruption it was clear delays and shortages would occur and suppliers would need to prioritise customers. In addition to identifying the seven unanticipated risks, our research also identified problems were likely

to be further down the supply chain than the first tier supplier. Our standard, structured around the seven risks, has been developed to facilitate supply chain transparency through difficult times. By working together with your suppliers, and your suppliers’ suppliers, you will be able to guide and support the adoption of good practice to mitigate a range of risks that have resulted from the pandemic, and build stronger relationships in your supply chain.

About the authors

Alan Day is the Chairman and founder of State of Flux, and has led the company from strength to strength since 2004. He has over 20 years’ experience in driving thought leadership in procurement and supply chain best practice.

John Newton is Product Management Director and Head of Learning at State of Flux, and has over 20 years’ experience in major account management, professional services, and supply chain functions.



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